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Daily Sadaqa

Empower your daily charity effortlessly and receive blessings with just a click! By setting up a monthly direct debit of £30, you can automate your sadaqa distribution, creating a consistent source of help for the needy in the holy land of Karbala.

Imam Hussein Charity proudly presents an exclusive sadaqa project designed to benefit both you and those in need, offering eternal blessings and rewards now and in the hereafter.

The gift that keeps on giving

Every morning in the UK, as you begin your day, your sadaqa will directly reach the hands of the needy in Karbala in the form of essential food. But that’s not all! Each day, Ziyarat e Ashura (10 salam & l’an) will be completed and an orphan will make a heartfelt dua on your behalf. You can receive daily updates of the aid on whatsapp by clicking here.

These continuous acts of kindness will bring blessings that inshallah will accompany you throughout your day. Join us in making a lasting impact while enriching your spiritual journey effortlessly and helping you to create your illuminating journey to heaven.

This project will commence once we have an estimated minimum of 20 donors.