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What is Khums?

Khums is one-fifth (20%) of the value of certain items that a person may acquire as wealth to be paid as an Islamic tax.

What Are These Certain Items?

According to narrations from the Ahlulbayt (AS), there are 7 items that are eligible for khums. These are:

  1. Profit or surplus of income
  2. Legitimate wealth which is mixed with illegitimate wealth
  3. Mines and minerals
  4. Precious stones obtained by sea diving
  5. Treasures
  6. That land in which a dhimmi kafir buys from a Muslim
  7. The spoils of war

To pay khums is wajib and the most common of course being the profit or surplus of income and any legitimate wealth mixed with illegitimate wealth.

Who Pays Khums?

 Khums is paid by any Muslim individual who is over the age of baligh and acquires wealth.


When To Pay Khums?

 Khums can be paid in one of the following instances:

  1. A Muslim will pay khums on what they gain immediately. This means that the khums will be paid on things or surplus income that you receive straight away, that you think will be more than you require to live on
  2. An individual can pay khums on a fixed annual date. On this date, one must pay khums on the surplus of what they have for the prior year.