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Previous campaigns finished and on-going 


Afghanistan Coal campaign (winter)

Provide heating fuel to the impoverished in Afghanistan. Campaign starts in November- end of January 


Food basket campaign. Each basket feeds a family of 4 for upto 10 days by providing them with groceries.  


Sponsor tabaruk at a majlis during muharram. Sponsor food for muwakib to distribute on mashaya. Donations go towards meat and rice.  



We encourage and promote giving sadaqa with hadith narrations. We offer sadaqa boxes, we will be changing to promote the sadaqa app instead. Boxes will be offered to shops and businesses.

Sponsor an Orphan

When there are no seasonal campaigns the default campaign is sponsoring an orphan. We promote sponsoring orphans to help feed, cloth and help educate them to the age of 16

Misabah Food Card initiative

Donations are used to credit Food card that can be used to pay for groceries at participating supermarkets. The initiative is a more dignifiable way for impoverished families to go shopping for groceries that they need. 

The Empowerment Initiative

Sponsor a show on Imam Hussein TV 3

Orphan Clothing Drive

Donations are used to give orphans that pleasurable experience of going shopping and picking out some new clothes to purchase for the upcoming season. The program is designed to allow orphans to pick out clothes in a more dignified way.   

Bring Joy to an Orphan

Donations are used to take a group of children out to a theme park or cinema and later to a restaurant to eat. Giving them a treat. 

Feed the Needy

Help feeding the poor in tanzania 


National Cultural Development and Literacy Program

An initiative to help publish books, provide books and to distribute books to libraries and reading centers throughout Iraq.

Baytal Muwada

Courses used to help new wed couples understand marital responsibilities. Certain couples are eligible to receive home and kitchen furniture and equipment

Al Abbas Water Campaign

An initiative to install 3000 permanent water filter pumps in the blessed cities of Najaf, Basrah, Karbala, Kadhmayn and Samarra as a solution to the on-going water crisis. Each water pump costs £300.

Spread the warmth

Donating blankets to poor families during winter in Iraq