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The winter in Iraq can be pretty severe; with temperatures dropping as low as 2°C, the southern desert region can be pretty frosty.

Every winter, thousands of vulnerable children and elders are at risk of the flu, pneumonia, and sadly, many times, lives are lost because the basic necessities to keep them warm were not accessible.They have no means to buy warm clothes, nor heat their homes!

Winter 2019 , The Imam Hussein Charity embarked upon a project to provide the vulnerable and displaced people with warm clothing and heaters to help them survive through the harsh winter.

Our Mission

New clothes were purchased and displayed in “shop” style structures allowing the recipients to go to a “shop” and select the clothing they needed.

We believe in protecting the dignity of the vulnerable and they should not be humiliated while seeking help. Additionally, Imam Hussein Charity distributed heaters to help keep the houses warm. Based on the needs, IHC provided a choice of two types of heaters: oil based and electric. Thank you to all that helped “spread the warmth” through your generous donations

With the grace of God and your generosity we managed to distribute 1000 amount of blankets and also clothed over 5000 people.