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Clothing Drive

Clothing is a necessity of life. The winters of Iraq can be pretty harsh with temperatures dropping to as low as 0 degrees, while on the other hand, the summer months can be as severe as 60 degrees. With two extreme weather conditions, the necessity of possessing the right type of clothing becomes even more important.

We at Imam Hussein Charity also recognise that the dignity and self-esteem of the beneficiaries is detrimental. Our goal is to ensure that the recipients do not feel humiliated in the process of receiving aid. For this reason, we have introduced a dynamic yet effective means of clothes distribution

How it Works;

IHC opened up shop style structures for the under privileged society including the widows and orphans to come into “shops” and select the clothing they need. We provided the underprivileged with the ultimate “shopping experience” accompanied with respect and dignity – the only difference being: they did not require to pay!

The wisdom behind the drive was to distribute clothing in a respectable manner where the recipient do not feel their dignity is being compromised while being the recipients of donations.

With the grace of God and your generosity we managed to distribute 1000 amount of blankets and also clothed over 5000 people.