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Muhammed’s Story

Mustafa is five years old. He had no family, no shelter and no safe place to reside. Mustafa was homeless and living on the street, alone, after he lost his parents to war. Thousands of children like Mustafa roam the streets of Iraq and have been deprived of safety and education. Only a small percentage of children aged between five and fourteen are in full time education. It is the mission of the Imam Hussein Charity to help the orphans like Mustafa. Since hearing about 

Mustafa and his story, IHC has been able to provide him with a safe place to call home, study supplies and food. After checking in with Mustafa last year during the pandemic, he told us; “Thank you so much for helping me, I now am learning! My favorite subjects are reading and writing. I hope to be a journalist one day to tell the stories of others like me to the world”.

Imam Hussein Charity has helped a number of children this year alone and we are so proud of them. Inshallah, with your help and sponsorships, we can help and support more children like Mustafa. 

Mariam’s Story

This is Mariam’s story. When Mariam was seven years old, her parents were killed by ISIS. Ever since then, Mariam has been on her own, scared for her safety and traumatised. The world for a young girl is dangerous, especially if she is without a home or protection. One in six Iraqi children are orphans and Mariam is just one of the hundreds of thousands of children affected by conflict.

Imam Hussein Charity visited Mariam and provided her with safe shelter, clothing and food and with the covid pandemic, we were able to get her the correct medicine she needed so that she didn’t get sick.

When we left, Mariam had just turned eight years old. We checked in with her in 2021 and she told us that she is now in school working on her dreams to become a nurse; “I want to become a nurse to help children like me who are sick with nowhere to go”. Imam Hussein Charity helps over a number of orphans a year and it is our love for the Ahlulbayt that drives us to keep this initiative going.