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The secret to the rise of civilizations, continuous growth and development, and the recipe to creativity and a dynamic society is education.

We at the Imam Hussein Charity recognize that the path to prosperity and flourishment is through the promotion of the national cultural and literacy development program. Our aim was to fund and build libraries throughout the urban and rural areas of Iraq and provide access to a wide array of literature ranging from arts, philosophy, social sciences, medicine, culture, politics, history and religion. 

Through this initiative we nurtured a new generation of intellectual reformers who will not only contribute to the development and wellbeing of Iraq, but the world beyond.

What we did:

  • We provided financial aid to enable the purchase of the required books and journals for existing libraries, universities and educational centres.
  • Updated and gave new books and literature to add to the existing catalogue within existing libraries
  • Undertaken publication and distribution of required literacy materials
Shipment Size Average Cost (£)
A Single Book 3.80*
1 carton of 5 books 20.00*
1 carton of 50 books 50.00*