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Fidya Explained 

Fidya is a compensation for not completing an obligatory fast for a legitimate reason by the next Holy Ramadan.  Legitimate reasons can vary, for example old age; you find it very difficult to fast or long term illness etc.   For further information on legitimate reasons for missed fasts, please kindly refer to your Marja’s risala or website, alternatively contact your local learned scholar.

What is Fidya?

Fidya is 750 grams of food (rice or flour) to a poor Shia needy person for one day.

How much is Fidya?

Imam Hussein Charity has calculated Fidya as £1 per legitimate fast missed. 

When does it become obligatory to pay Fidya?

Example 1: Zainab is 18 years old, she did not fast 7 days in Holy Ramadan 2023 due to the legitimate reason of her period.

She completed 6 qaza fasts before Ramadan 2024.  However, she had one outstanding qaza fast left to complete. Zainab did not complete it in the cycle of one lunar year from Ramadhan 2023 to 1st Ramadan 2024.  Consequently, she still has to complete the outstanding 1 qaza fast from Ramadan 2023.  Zainab also needs to pay a compensation, a fidya, for not completing it within the first lunar year.  If the qaza is delayed again in the following years, the fidya is not repeated. 

Example 2: Roshanbai is 86 years old, she did not fast the whole month of Holy Ramadan 2023 for the legitimate reason that she is old and finds it extremely difficult. 

Roshanbai knows going forward no matter how many years go by she will never be able to fast.  This is similar to a case of someone with a long term illness or for example some forms of diabetes. 

As soon as 1st Ramadan 2024 commences, Roshanbai is now due to pay the compensation, the fidya for her 30 days of Holy Ramadan 2023.  In this case she just repays fidya, she is not obligated to perform the qaza fasts as she is unable to fast at all.

Kaffara: Fine for Intentionally Missed Fast

When you deliberately miss a fast with full understanding of the Islamic laws then you need to pay a Kafarra, a fine. 

What is the Kaffara for a deliberately missed fast
(if not broken by a Haram method e.g. alcohol)?

  1. 60 qaza fasts, or
  2. 750 grams of food (rice or flour) to 60 poor Shia needy people, which makes it 45 kg per day, or
  3. Emancipating a slave, this is waived when it is not possible.

How much is Kaffara?

Imam Hussein Charity have calculated Kaffara for a deliberately missed fast as £60.  

When does it become obligatory to pay Kaffara?

Example: Hadi is 17 years old, he has an exam and doesn’t fast even though he is able too and understands its obligation. 

Hadi is instantly eligible to pay Kaffara of £60, he also has to complete 1 qaza fast for each deliberate fast missed for no legitimate reason. 

If Hadi does not complete all his qaza kaffara fast from Ramadan 2023 by 1st Ramadan 2024 he also has to pay an additional fidya compensation.  If the qaza is delayed again and for example not completed by Ramadan 2025 or any of the following years, the fidya does not need to be paid again. 

If you have any questions on above please kindly contact