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Why Your £25 Eid Gift Matters

Provide Basic Necessities: Many orphans and vulnerable children in Karbala face various hardships, from financial to social. Your £25 Eid gift could give them access to essential food or clothing or educational supplies during this special festive season.

Boost Emotional Well-being: Eid is a time of joy and togetherness. For children, especially orphans who feel isolated, your thoughtful gift can uplift their spirits, instilling a sense of belonging and happiness.

Support Education: Your contribution doesn’t have to stop at Eid. You can sponsor orphans and vulnerable children al year round that could provide educational support paving the way for a brighter future for these children.  Sponsor orphans on:

Foster Shia Solidarity: Show your compassion and solidarity with the less fortunate. Your act of kindness can inspire others to join in, creating a ripple effect of positive change and strengthening the Shia Ummah.

Honour Religious Traditions: Eid holds significant religious importance for us, wherever you are in the world.  By donating, you help preserve and honour these traditions for orphans and vulnerable children in Karbala, enriching their spiritual heritage.

Join Us in Making a Difference!

Your donation of £25 can make a profound impact on the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Karbala. Together, we can empower them, uplift their spirits, and ensure they have a joyous Eid celebration filled with love, compassion, and hope.