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The Bayt Al Mawaadah programme united individuals with similar ideologies and ethics so that they are able to go through the trials and tribulations of life together as a unit and not let go of the love they have for one another.

Through marriage we can build a national culture where family ties and relationships are valued and preserved.

A New Journey

Our aim with this initiative was to bring forth and nourish a new generation of Iraqi men and women who wish to marry, and ensure the best for their families and country, and hope to help young couples begin their blessed journey into married life. 

Marriage is beautiful and through promoting it in our communities using initiatives such as these, we are building the foundations for a healthy and prosperous Iraq. We hope that neither poverty nor a limited finances will ever be a barrier for two individuals to be united in matrimony. 

How the Initiative works:

Firstly, a mandatory marriage seminar was arranged for the couples to attend. The goal of the session is to educate the couples on:

  • The essential etiquettes for a happy and prosperous marriage
  • Introduction to parenting
  • Introduction to finances and budgeting

Secondly, we provided household materials such as white goods, stoves and bedroom furniture to name a few, to help the couple furnish their new home. 

Our motto is plain and simple; “Let poverty never be a barrier towards marriage”. 

Our current financial allocation of up to £1,300 per couple, allows us to provide furnishings and cover the cost of the seminar and counselling sessions.

With your donations we managed to help XXX couples learn more on marriage rights and