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Water is the essence of life. Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) together with his pure progeny and blessed companions were martyred thirsty on the plains of Karbala 1400, and hence Imam Hussein Charity is passionate in ensuring it is at the forefront of the water initiative.

Iraq is plagued with a severe water crisis that requires immediate attention. Some key facts include:

  • On an average nearly half of Iraqi households in the country still lack adequate access to safe and stable water supply (in some governorates it is even 60%)
  • 25% of all deaths of children relate to preventable water-related diseases
  • More than one-third of all Iraqi citizens do not have access to improved sanitation. this rate is up to two thirds in some governorates
  • Sewage collection and treatment is largely confined to Baghdad city with only 9% of other urban populations served
  • 50% of wastewater is discharged directly into natural waterways
  • There is not a single sanitary landfill to date, waste continues to be littered all around

The Solution

In 2019, Imam Hussein Charity coordinated efforts with local affiliates to install 3000 permanent water filter pumps in the blessed cities of Najaf, Basrah, Karbala, Kadhmayn and Samarra as a solution to the on-going water crisis.

By seeking inspiration from the tragedy of Karbala, thank you to all donors who played a part of the Al Abbas Water Initiative and through your contribution you saved lives.